Trash Talk: Consider coming clean in 2010 - Ellen Moorhouse - ‎Jan 9, 2010‎

Looking for some fresh ideas to start off the new year?

Why not check out Toronto filmmaker Andrew Nisker's latest documentary on living without commercial cleansers and personal care products that seriously compromise our indoor air quality.

Called Chemerical (mentioned in this column last year), the film is being screened a number of times this month on the Super Channel, if you happen to get it on cable.
Chemerical Film Review

Green Muze - ‎Jan 4, 2010‎

The Revolution Starts At Home, now tackles household cleansers and chemical-based hygiene products in his new film Chemerical. Using a similar formula to his previous environmental documentary Garbage, Nisker helps an ‘average’ Canadian family to get off the toxic teat and start living their lives free from harmful chemicals and other toxic substances.

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Chemerical On Super Channel

Super Channel Snaps Up Another One of Canadian Environmental Documentarian Andrew Nisker’s Films – Chemerical

Nisker Formalizes Operations and Films For New Production and Distribution Company with This Deal
(TORONTO, ON, Monday, December 14, 2009) Environmental film producer Andrew Nisker’s new film Chemerical will premiere on Super Channel December 29, 2009 at 9 p.m. ET (for more show times see  The recently sold out world premiere of Chemerical at the Whistler Film Festival, highlighted the film’s appeal and significant public interest,  as Nisker returns to the screen, this time to address the high volume of toxins and chemicals lurking in the average home.

Chemerical digs deep to explore the consequences of living in a chemical laden nation by raising the following questions: What are the chemicals doing to us and our environment?  Do we actually need the chemicals lurking in products we use on a daily basis?  What would happen if an average family kicked the chemical habit for three months?  Would their health improve?  What effect will living a chemical free lifestyle have on the environment?  “Our films aren’t necessarily about final answers but are more about inspiring audiences to seek solutions, solve problems and, of course, take action,” says Andrew Nisker, Founder of Take Action Films.

Superchannel previously aired Nisker’s Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home and picked up Chemerical from Take Action Films, a newly formed production and distribution firm, helmed by Nisker and based in Toronto.  It proudly houses a roster of films by Canadian activist filmmakers who create environmentally focused, thought provoking films.

“We are committed to provide entertaining, informative, and well produced Canadian content to our viewers. Nisker’s insightful films have a balanced combination of drama and satire with a strong message and are packaged in an entertaining way,” said Justin Rebelo, Director of Canadian Programming, Super Channel.

Nisker stated: “I am pleased with how well my new film Chemerical has been received thus far and really charged by the enthusiasm I’m seeing in growing audiences worldwide, who are keen to take in films that address personal lifestyle and environmental impact.  There is a committed interest amongst young Canadian filmmakers to address important environmental topics and issues - and these films need industry support so that they have legs and a louder voice.”

Q&A with Andrew Nisker

Q: What inspired you to make this film?

A: “The inspiration for Chemerical came from research I did during the production of Garbage!

The Revolution Starts at Home.  In that film I had a family keep their waste for three months to

connect the dots between the pollution we create at home and to show how their lifestyle affects

the environment.”

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