Host a Screening Party

Screening a film for friends, family, and random strangers can be a lot of fun, and it's a great way to bring people together, raise awareness and do something. This is a place where filmmakers with stories to tell can offer their film for screenings by anyone. You don't need a fancy theater, or even a fancy television. If you can play a DVD, you can bring folks together to see a film and take action.

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1. Sign Up with Brave New Theatres

Sign up here.

2. Buy the DVD

DVDs can be purchased here.


3. Create a Sign-in Sheet


Sign-in sheet for people to, well, sign in, when they get to your screening. This is very important -- it gives both you and the folks at Garbageman Productions the opportunity to follow-up with the people after the screening and encourage them to get involved in the campaign or answer any questions. Encourage people to sign-in, but don't force them. It's still definitely more important that they see the movie!

Click here to download and print the Sign-in sheet.

Then, mail them back to us at:
Take Action Films
632 College St, Suite 3, Toronto, Ontario, M6G 1B4, Canada.

4. Action Items

For all the items you need to help you and your guests detoxify your life,

download the Chemerical Detox Checklist PDF now!.


5. Posters

Posters to display at your screening. You can buy these online, or print out your own.

Letter Size Poster
Window Size Poster


6. Press Release

7. Letter from the Director



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